About Us

Borish Electronics specializes in the design and maintenance of professional audio equipment. It was founded by Michael Borish, formerly a real estate broker, to satisfy unique industry needs not addressed by larger organizations dominating the music industry.

The transition of our economy from a manufacturing to service based economy has left a large void in the manufacture of quality musical equipment. In short, musical instruments just aren’t made like they used to be, and we do our best to service and restore high quality equipment that musicians cherish.

Over the years, some manufacturers have gone out of business, some parts are now prohibitively expensive to manufacture, some classic equipment is no longer economical for companies to maintain, and some things are just plain too big or heavy to load up into a truck or ship back to wherever they came from. We have found unique solutions to these logistics, manufacturing, and service issues that are often less expensive and more satisfactory than the outright replacement of damaged or neglected equipment.

Mike and his affiliates are passionate about music and music electronics.  Mike is an active musician that plays piano, synths, and bass / electric guitar.

Borish Electronics is a truly green company and we recycle as much as we can.  We’ve kept tons of gear from taking an unfortunate trip to the landfill and, even if stuff is broken, we still use parts from it to fix other equipment.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or subscribe to our newsletter. We are very active in the local synthesizer community and quite often post synths for sale or industry event details. Feel free to forward us information or contract us if you have something for sale.