Borish Electronics is an industry leading Chicago company that specializes in the design and maintenance of professional audio equipment. We specialize in the repair of high end vintage electronics and the design of retrofit kits for electronic musical instruments. Our affiliates are factory authorized and trained by most of the major brands for warranty repairs of newer professional and entertainment audio equipment. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience. We have the largest selection of aftermarket, OEM, and manufacturer's parts available for repairs in the entire City of Chicago. We possess some of the most advanced tools in the industry for servicing and design projects. Based on our research, we have the quickest service turnover rates compared to just about any service shop in the country.  

  • Synth & Keyboard Repair

    A very large portion of our business comes from restoring vintage analog synthesizers and electromechanical keyboards. We have earned a nationwide reputation for exemplary service. We are experts at restoring keyboards and modular systems from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s as well as most electromechanical keyboards.

  • Amp Repair

    We repair and restore power amplifiers, amps, preamplifiers preamps, mixers, hi-fi amplifiers, guitar amps, bass amps, amp heads, combo amps, PA systems, and more.  Solid state, vacuum tube, and computer based technologies are all within our reach.

  • Pro Audio Repair

    We are familiar with and competent at  restoring large-format mixing consoles, sidecars, power supplies, monitors, compressors, analog and some digital recording equipment, preamps,  line amps, dynamics, mastering equipment, lunchbox modules, signal processors, effects processors. and more.