Design Consulting

Mike Borish is a prominent electrical engineer specializing in embedded systems design and electronic music technology. With a strong background in low noise electronics design for analog audio systems, signal integrity, ADC/DAC chains, and low voltage power delivery, Mike offers a wealth of experience. His expertise is tailored to meet the needs of clients, whether they require custom embedded systems for audio applications or high-performance amplification technology.
Embedded systems design is a unique field that demands a blend of electrical engineering and software development skills. Mike's proficiency allows him to navigate this interdisciplinary space, ensuring that the hardware and software components of a project work seamlessly together. This is particularly valuable in the context of electronic music technology, where real-time performance, low latency, and reliability are paramount.
Mike's low noise electronic systems design expertise is crucial for creating high-quality audio equipment such as synthesizers, Eurorack, amplifiers, and mixers. By minimizing distortion, improving frequency response, and enhancing overall audio performance, his expertise plays a vital part in optimizing audio quality.
Whether developing innovative electronic music products or seeking custom embedded solutions for audio applications, Mike Borish's expertise in embedded systems design and electronic music technology can bring ideas to life.