Wurlitzer & Fender Rhodes Electric Piano Repair

Borish Electronics is a Chicago company committed to serving professional musicians, Hi-Fi enthusiasts, recording engineers, back-line companies, and the professional audio community.  We offer expert amp repair services for most major brands of electrical mechanical keyboards and specialize in the repair, tuning, and voicing of Wurlitzer Electric Pianos and Fender Rhodes Electric Pianos.   We are well vested in both solid state amp repair and tube amp repair.  We have several custom solutions for common Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer problems.

Our newest product is a drop in retrofit replacement for Wurlitzer 200 series electric pianos that completely solves noise and buzzing issues commonly found in Wurlitzers. This retrofit kit can be installed in the 200, 200A, 200B, 206, 206A, 210, 214, and 270 Wurlitzer models. With minor modifications, it can be installed in other Wurlitzer models too. Our kit features variable tremolo and the lowest noise floor in the industry at a competitive price point. Check the link to the right for more information.

Our Fender Rhodes Peterson model power amps, 7054 power amps, are drop in replacements and improve reliability and sonic clarity. We are in the process of designing replacement power amplifier modules for 7710 models.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or subscribe to our newsletter.  We are very active in the local music community and quite often post equipment for sale or industry event details.  Feel free to forward us information or contract us if you have something for sale.