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Custom Fender Pro Junior Jr. Tube Board PCB

Custom Fender Pro Junior Jr. Tube Board PCB

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This is an exact drop in replacement tube board for most* Fender Pro Jr. Guitar amps. If your amp makes funny popping noises, eats tubes, or suffers from instability, this is for you.  

This board has plated through holes which provide double the tube socket holding strength of the originals and double-sided routing to eliminate cross talk as well as noise.  Unlike the original, this board also has 1 ohm current measuring resistors to easily measure the health of your power tubes.  

I will include the tube board, two one ohm resistors, five high quality ceramic sockets, R3000's, 1N4448, the 150 Ohm current limiting LED resistor, and the1W 47 Ohm noise reduction resistors for the heater supply. You will need to install this board and assemble it. Don't attempt to install this kit if you don't know what you are doing because the voltages inside the amp can KILL you.

I ship two day Priority Mail from the USA. Wholesale inquiries are welcome!

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