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Fender Blues Junior Jr. Tube Board PCB (Custom Replacement)

Fender Blues Junior Jr. Tube Board PCB (Custom Replacement)

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This is an exact drop in replacement tube board for most* Fender Blues Jr Guitar amps. This board replaces cream colored board versions A, B, C and IV.  My other version replaces the earlier green boards. If your amp makes funny popping noises, eats tubes, or suffers from instability, this is for you.  

This board has plated through holes which provide double the tube socket holding strength of the originals and double sided routing to eliminate cross talk as well as noise.  This board also has footprints for 1 Ohm current measuring resistors.  You can add them or put jumper wires in their place. 

I will include two high quality 1 Ohm resistors as well as 5 high quality ceramic tube sockets.  Don't attempt to install this kit if you don't know what you are doing because the voltages inside of the amp can KILL you.  

*Some Blues Jr's have pilot light wiring, noise reduction resistors and load stabilization diodes on the board. If you have this Blues Jr version, please purchase the green board. Here's a chart of major production changes.  To the best of my understanding, all current boards made after 2001 are cream boards.  

Revision Board Date Major Change
A Green Board 03/03/95 Product Introduction
B 05/15/95 Unknown
C 10/29/96 Revised preamp and FAT circuit
D 07/29/98 Unknown
A Cream Board 03/21/01 Revised reverb circuit, new board layout
B 04/20/02 Added fuse on filament line
C What about the new Black PCB Boards? Like on the Hot Rod Blues JrIV? 2003 Corrected backwards polarity on filter cap for -15V reverb supply

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