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Rhodes Chroma Power Supply PSU PCB Replacement Custom

Rhodes Chroma Power Supply PSU PCB Replacement Custom

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For sale is a custom replacement power supply PCB for the Rhodes Chroma.  This will work in all Rhodes Chroma models.

Feel free to ask me any questions.  I am a Rhodes Chroma technician and can install this board in your synth for a small fee.

This power supply features:
  • Fuse position
  • Passive 1st order low pass filters for all PSU rails with break frequency below 1K Hz for very low noise!
  • Precision 5V analog regulator
  • LEDs for each power supply rail to indicate OK
  • Properly designed reset / supervisory circuit that will not cause issues in undefined states.  
I will provide a bill of materials from Mouser when you purchase this PSU. The BOM is close to $60 USA including the power supply.

WARNING!!! Do not attempt to install this kit if you don't know what you are doing.  Mains voltage is dangerous and can kill you.  
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