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Wurlitzer 200B Amplifier Kit 200 200A 206 206A 214 Custom

Wurlitzer 200B Amplifier Kit 200 200A 206 206A 214 Custom

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For sale is a custom replacement kit for all 200 / 200A series Wurlitzer Electric Pianos. This is a stand alone kit that will allow you to run your Wurlitzer on a 9V battery or a 9V - 18V center negative guitar pedal adapter. Battery life is about 100 hours with a single 9V battery! You do not need a giant 250V battery like on the original 200B version. Again, my kit is powered by a single 9V battery and you can get line level output from it.

Installation is simple and requires a screwdriver and soldering iron. The amp is a small module that mounts on the reed bar pickups and the power supply section mounts on the amp & control mounting rail. All you need to do is connect power leads to the power switch and holes labeled Power Switch on the power supply board, hook up the copper lead to the reed bar, install a barrel jack or jumper, and connect an output wire from the preamp hole labeled O to the volume knob.  

As you can see from the pictures, a mounting jack can be installed that breaks the battery connection when a barrel plug is inserted. If the mounting jack is not used, a jumper can be installed that bypasses the jack switch. You could also mount an insulated power jack remotely and run leads to the mounting holes.   A mounting jack is not included with this kit.  

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